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guitarg33ks unite!

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Guitar G33k
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Welcome to the Guitar G33k Community, LiveJournal's original (since 2001) forum for guitarists and gearheads. We here at the Guitar G33k Laboratories have created this as a place for people to run their mouth about, um...guitars, and other stringed instruments. (What this means is that, if you're not a guitar player technically, it's still ok that you post here.) Bassists, zitherists, harpists, banjoists, mandolinists...whatever. We don't mind.

This is intended as a forum for the more technical aspects of instrumentalism (instruments, gear, theory, techniques, etc.) versus discussions about music in general. We here at the Guitar G33k Laboratories are no experts. We just like rappin' about geee-tars 'n' stuff.

The fine print:If you have an upcoming gig or record release, feel free to put it up here. Also, if you have gear for sale or want to direct traffic to your online auction, that's fine (users are encouraged to use an <lj-cut> tag). Keep in mind that this community is intended primarily for dorky instrument stuff. If you wanna talk about how much you like this band vs. that band, this guitarist vs. that guitarist, or to promote a band you aren't actually in, don't do it here. LiveJournal has a zillion other places you can do that. In fact, our homies at the Guitar Community like that kind of thing. Even though the Guitar G33k Laboratories feel like you're cheating on us when you go there instead of here.

Off topic posts will be deleted without notice!

All are welcome to post, not just rock players. Players from all genres and backgrounds are encouraged to come be geeky with us.

Folks who delete their journals will eventually be taken off the 'friends' list. If you undelete yr journal, and have been removed from the list, just add yourself back on.

If, for some reason, you have an issue, you may email a helpful repesentative here at the Guitar G33k Laboratories.

Thoughtful discourse = good!
Stupid people = bad!

Have at it, folks.

This journal is not affiliated with www.guitargeek.com in any way. However, that's a cool website, so go on over and say hi.

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