. W H U N E . (whune) wrote in guitargeek,
. W H U N E .

actually a question about music theory...

in regards to a redesign of a guitar I did

original and my redesign under the cut; cuz I don't want to spam you guys with my art
(at least I THINK it's under the cut... )


hey guys; for giggles I did a quick re-design

...of this guitar.
I was thinking that it was odd that the angel is kind of hovering sideways; and also that it'd be neat to have multiple angels carrying the cross of the guitar...
(actual question about music theory as related to guitar)
...symbolizing the various scale degrees
in this version there's 7
but I'm figuring that the major scale is a bit too basic to suit this kind of guitar design?
I don't know enough about music theory to have any idea beyond my admitted guess.
I also feel like my re-design is a bit more practical to actually play
Feel free to make any suggestions whatsoever
other question:
Is it cool to ask for critique on chops here?
suggestion for elsewhere more suitable?

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