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actually a question about music theory...

in regards to a redesign of a guitar I did

original and my redesign under the cut; cuz I don't want to spam you guys with my art
(at least I THINK it's under the cut... )


hey guys; for giggles I did a quick re-design

...of this guitar.
I was thinking that it was odd that the angel is kind of hovering sideways; and also that it'd be neat to have multiple angels carrying the cross of the guitar...
(actual question about music theory as related to guitar)
...symbolizing the various scale degrees
in this version there's 7
but I'm figuring that the major scale is a bit too basic to suit this kind of guitar design?
I don't know enough about music theory to have any idea beyond my admitted guess.
I also feel like my re-design is a bit more practical to actually play
Feel free to make any suggestions whatsoever
other question:
Is it cool to ask for critique on chops here?
suggestion for elsewhere more suitable?

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how is the major scale too basic for that guitar design? it looks like a guitar like any other, to me.
I was assuming the only people that would play on such a guitar would be more partial to the lesser known "advanced" modes.

I want the elements of the design to really sync with the aspects of musicianship that appeal most to the demographic that I'm assuming would be most attracted to such a shamelessly pretentious design.
That gets into things that I don't really know anything about: hexatonic scales, mixolydian... etc.
I was hoping that someone that's into that would be like: "oh yeah: you should have 9 angels; or 11 or 6
I realize all the modes have 7 notes; just with different series of intervals;
but I also know that the blues scale is pent min + a #4/b5....

So I'm seeing the possibility of a number of angels (notes) other than 7 would be more meaningful to the specific kind of guitarist I'm thinking would have any appreciation for this kind of design.
But while I see that possibility I've no clear idea of what it would be or more importantly: why.
(that "why." would then inspire further details throughout the design)

Based on your avatar I'm assuming your a salt-of-the-ear; mostly country kinda guy; and thus have a more meat and potatoes approach to the guitar.

The illustration is sketchy; but - like the original design - the angels are meant to be in sculpted relief; rather than just painted on say a stratocaster shaped guitar.
well... i'm no blackbelt in music theory, but i have a good understanding of it. All western music is based on the 7 note diatonic major scale. Major, Minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, major and minor pentatonic are all based on it. Also all of the modes are different variations. The major modes are ionian, lydian, mixolydian, and the minor modes are aeolian, dorian, and phrygian. the last mode is locrian, which is diminished. These all use the same scale pattern of the major scale, just shifted around on the neck.

There are also modes of the minor scales, i believe, and such nonsense like phyrgian dominant, etc, but that's a bit esoteric for my taste.

now, you can get into some non-western music which is different. There are jewish scales and gypsy scales that have some different intervals. While western music is only 12 notes, i think some asian music may be based on 24 note scales.

I still don't guess i *totally* understand what you want to do, but if you want to take inspiration from scales for the *visual* design of the guitar, then maybe look into some of the modes and what they represent. Originally the greeks thought different modes/scales evoked different feelings, so maybe you should go with that.

For the record I wasn't meaning to imply a lack of mastery or whatever.

Personally I think a lot of the complex rock is masturbatory in nature;
and thus I much prefer the stripped down ethic of say Neil Young of Johnny Cash.
(lol even if I don't write like that)
typo: Neil Young OR Johnny Cash
and...lest I alienate the very people I was hoping would help me...

T'was not my intention to imply that the "complex" rock is inherently masturbatory in nature.
Just that it tends to be as such.
well, there is a place for (most) everything. what i call "guitar wankery" certainly does exist. I think of "guitar wankery" as overly-technical or complex show off soloing that has really no musicality or doesn't fit the song.
I agree 100%

I say that anything that is for the sake of 'look at me do this" rather than "feel this WITH me"... is "wankery"