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Great lazy guitarist

So I've been struggling to find time to play my guitar, I have a 10 month old son and a heavy work schedule running my own business, and no place to leave my gear setup without risk of a certain someone puking on it, or the mrs. tripping on it.

It's been over a year since I actually sat down and played, but I just found my solution, and so far it's getting me paying so sweeet! my fingers are calloused again and my SG is all tuned up, all because I bought "Rocksmith" for my ps3. I was surprised to have a game that actually uses guitar for your controller, and does it good. Of course I've never been a pro, I'm alright, I can sit down with a guitar and have fun, but pulling out my amp, cables, pedals and guitar for a 30-60 minute jam only to have to pack it up after, or have it cut short because a baby needs me, isn't ideal. Unplugging my guitar and putting it in it's case isn't a big deal though.

I've played rockband, and guitar hero, sure great fun, but you're playing pretend, rocksmith you're holding a guitar, hitting notes, chords, bar chords, hammering on etc... actually doing something real.

So far I've been actually playing my guitar, and it's great, so if you have no time and wanna do something with a guitar, I'd recommend it. of course if you're a guitar god well rocksmith does have a wide range of cool amps, pedal and guitars to unlock, but if you're a guitar god you probably own all that anyway.
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